The Wave Set is a partner fund of NJ Sharing Network (NJSN), dedicated to giving others a second chance at life by spreading awareness and educating on the importance of organ donation. While cultivating a brand that correlates with this cause, The Wave Set helps create a culture of love, unity and selflessness, thus showing the world that “We Are Vital to Each other”.

The Wave Set was founded by brothers Jared and Cameron, ironically born three years apart to the day (Jared DOB: 4/26/86, Cameron DOB: 4/26/89). However, their shared birthday isn’t their only fascinating connection. Cameron was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, primarily affecting his liver, at the age of 13. About a decade later (in August of 2013), things took an unfortunate turn when his doctors explained that they had spotted a tumor on his liver and his disease had been consistently progressing. A liver transplant had become necessary in order to save his life, but due to the high demand of organs, regardless of his critical state, he was nowhere near the top of the list. When doctors posed the idea of undergoing a living-donor transplant (where someone donates approximately 40-60% of their liver, and both the donor and recipient’s liver regenerate to full size), Jared jumped at the opportunity to see if he was a match. As fate would have it, he was approved and they successfully underwent the transplant surgery on February 11th, 2014.

In December 2013, The Wave Set launched a successful crowd-funding campaign to raise money for the production of 65 Percent, a documentary depicting their family’s journey through the transplant experience. In addition, the brothers launched a line of The Wave Set apparel, which was used to incentivize all potential contributors to support their campaign. This also brought additional awareness by acting as a visual representation of their advocacy to the cause.

Currently, The Wave Set focuses its efforts on educating the public about the dire need for individuals to register as organ donors.

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