Sparks / by The Wave Set

My mind is expanding and my desire to learn is becoming imminent. I’m fascinated by literature I would have never before found the least bit appealing. Perhaps it’s a byproduct of this new self I’m evolving into each day. Or maybe it’s just that I’m steadfast on becoming a better version of myself. By opening my mind to new concepts and thought-provoking material, it allows for a never-ending journey to enlightenment.

As a high school educator, I’m surrounded by budding minds to which I’m in a constant state of awe. I say this because my work ethic in high school wasn’t exactly the exemplary standard and there seems to be quite a few young individuals striving for excellence these days. Nevertheless, for every student that overachieves there are two or three that haven’t quite begun applying themselves. There are so many external factors attributing to this though. One in particular is that we are all a product of our environment. It is evident through our upbringing; the values our parents/guardians instill in us and their advice or lack thereof. Then there are the friends we surround ourselves with.

Influence is a reaction from the people and things we come in contact with throughout our lives. The choice to allow these influences to shape us as individuals is just that: a choice. The consciousness however to make the right decision, is not always evident. Make strides as an individual to be conscious of your “inner self”. There is a voice inside you that reminds you of when you are straying off your path to fulfillment. Listen to it.

The world needs more creativity and innovation. If you have a passion for something, pursue it. Acknowledge the doubt that others will display with a grain of salt, as your intuition is the truth. You’re more brilliant than you think you are.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a poem that I wrote a couple of weeks ago…

- Jared


We all take our places,

To fill in the spaces,

Of life or what seems to be

Instead leave traces,

Sparks of creation,

And life we’ll live endlessly