Happy New Year! / by The Wave Set

Wow. To think that we’re nearing almost one year since our transplant anniversary is truly astonishing. I can remember hospital staff and others who had already been through the process telling us beforehand that the day would arrive when things would start to seem surreal. They were right. Life is moving so fast that oftentimes we begin lose track of the present moment. The start of the new year is a perfect reminder to not only slow down, but also reflect back on all we’ve been through.

Please allow us to apologize if our updates haven’t been as frequent as they were after our surgery. Many people have reached out to us wanting to know more so let us fill you in. I’m thankful to say that Cameron and I are both as healthy as ever. To say our lives are busy is an understatement. Our documentary is still in the post-production phase, however we are so so close! Thank you all for your patience regarding the release. As you can imagine, we’ve never had any prior experience in filmmaking and there are many details that have needed tending to in order to make this film as powerful as possible. We’re aiming to release the film in early 2015. In other exciting news, we have officially been recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means that we can continue to help others by means of spreading awareness and educating people on the importance of organ donation. Cameron and I are going to devote a great deal of time this year to telling our story through speaking engagements and we’ll also continue to fundraise in order to support our mission. We’ve brainstormed quite a bit on the idea of creating our own live events, which will include both entertainment and education. This excites us as it will allow for The Wave Set to continue in its evolution. Lastly, we’re continuing to develop our full line of apparel so be on the lookout for some new additions!

We are ready to take this all to the next level and cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Here’s to an unforgettable 2014 and a future filled with love, selflessness, and an omnipresent gift of life.

Happy New Year!

Jared and Cameron

We Are Vital to Each other