65 PERCENT – TRAILER / by The Wave Set

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we present you all with the trailer for our documentary, “65 PERCENT”! Feel free to share it with your friends, family, and peers. Be sure to tag us on social media @thewaveset and use the hashtag #65PERCENT to show your continued support and keep the momentum moving.

This past year has certainly been a roller coaster ride for our family, but after looking back on our journey, it has taught us so many lessons to which we owe a lifetime full of gratitude.

As we finish up the post-production for “65 PERCENT”, we have plans to submit the film at various film festivals and continue to create as much buzz as possible. Please stay tuned for more news and updates as we continue on this journey. We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support!

Lastly, a huge thank you goes out to our incredible film crew, Mike and Jon Altino of Silver Style Pictures. Their work speaks for itself, but we truly could not have found more amazing individuals to share this experience with. They’ve gone above and beyond in showcasing our family’s journey throughout this transformative time in our lives.

Peace & Love,

Jared and Cameron

We Are Vital to Each Other