The Road to Recovery / by The Wave Set

This past Tuesday, March 11th, marked one-month from the day of our transplant surgery. Looking back on these past few weeks, we’ve all experienced a wealth of emotions ranging from our usual laughs to some unexpected cries. This entire experience has been unlike anything we could have ever prepared ourselves for. Overall recovery has not been easy, yet we have learned more during this short time of our physical and emotional strength than ever known before. The continued love and support from friends and family has been the inspiration to keep us moving forward and the future has us more excited than ever.

Both Cameron and Jared are recovering extremely well. The infection in Jared’s wound has been treated and the wound-vac is surely helping to expedite the healing process. It’s astonishing how resilient the human body can be and seeing the progression first-hand is an experience unto itself. In addition to weekly follow ups with the medical teams to ensure recovery is as expected, Jared and Cameron spend their days planning, writing, reading, and pursuing the creative process for both art and music.

While we are currently wrapping up the production on our documentary, we have already begun receiving exciting opportunities to speak at several events, as well as partake in fundraisers to help support our cause. As the movement continues we will be sharing our story with the world, educating individuals on the importance of organ donation.

It is true that some days may be darker than others, yet the light at the end of this tunnel shines brightly on us. Even when there may be clouds, the sun above continues to shine. We are more than grateful to be alive and to be sharing this experience with all of you.

Peace & Love,
Your friends at The Wave Set