One Life – One Love / by The Wave Set

The past few weeks have allowed us the opportunity to share our story with hundreds of people. Our love for communication, through all various forms, is evolving with the our ability to meet new people at all of our recent engagements. From college radio talks shows to television specials and most importantly live events, we have come across an abundance of amazing people, all distinctively special in their own way. When we set out to create this movement we knew that it would require a wealth of dedication. Luckily, we have enjoyed every moment thus far so it hasn’t felt like “work” even though at times it demands a great deal of physical and mental commitment.

It has become clear that throughout one’s life, different chapters seem to open at a speed that can often cause a significant amount of distress. It often feels as if just as one chapter of our life culminates a new one commences, leaving little time for us to adapt. Although this feeling of change can be startling, the thought of growth should be an idea we embrace. We can personally attest to this because in launching this organization, we had no idea as to where it would lead us. Yet, as we began to trust our intuition, things started to fall into place perfectly. We promised each other that regardless of where opportunities took us, we would stay true to our mission, which was centralizing around creating a livelihood focused on helping people who need it most. As one of our great mentors, Wayne Dyer, explains… we were advancing confidently in the direction of our dreams to live the life that we had imagined.

As thoughts became ideas and ideas became solutions, we found ourselves knocking out chapter after chapter of our newly written destiny. A steadily growing sense of love continues to guide us through this experience. Regardless of how bombarded we felt as different areas of the organization needed tending to, or how insurmountable the stack of To-Do’s seemed to be increasing to, we were always able overcome any challenges with this heightened sense of endearment. We continue to progress because of the love we have instilled into The Wave Set. The love that helped create this movement in the first place. The love for each and every person who has contributed to our success. The love for humanity and the anguish that families in situations just like ours are going through. Most importantly, the love we share for life itself.

In the process of adopting a new sense of perspective, we realized how deserving this life is of our love, and how deserving each and every person here on Earth is to experience it. As long as we continue to embrace our relationships and spread our message further, we will be able to evolve this divine sense of love. The outreach of support continues to grow each and every day and we look forward to new opportunities on the horizon. For now enjoy a few photos that echo the love injected into some of our most recent affairs.