Celebrate With Us! / by The Wave Set

These past few months have surely kept us busy. While doing our best to continue on a steady path to recovery, we have been taking on new tasks and couldn’t be more excited to share our latest news with you! We’ve been trying our best to update you all as much as possible on Facebook, but there are some things that we like to surprise you with. At this point you’ve probably recognized that we don’t like to cut corners. We understand that The Wave Set is only in its infant stages and destined to take off at any moment. With that being said, we promise that throughout the evolution of this movement, we will provide you with an experience that is bar none. And for the past few months, we’ve been working extremely hard to make sure that we are doing that on all fronts. Furthermore, whether you are attending a Wave Set event, wearing a piece of Wave Set apparel or navigating through our website it should feel like an experience. You will be happy to know that we have given our site a complete makeover! Check it out! – http://TheWaveSet.com

We began completely from scratch and gave the site an overhaul of features, including “The Wave Set Initiative”, our 4-step guideline to joining our movement along with our very first online store, where you can get yourself some awesome Wave Set apparel for summer! The exciting news doesn’t stop here though! Our next historic event to note is something that proves our mantra to be true and reinforces our message that We Are Vital to Each other. Rewind a few months back to when we were just about to go through the transplant surgery. After doing some research, we found out through the Media Relations Department at New York Presbyterian that 99% of the time they do not allow anything to be filmed on the Hospital’s premises. (They made exceptions for shows like NYMed with Dr. Oz). This posed a huge issue for us because we knew how important it was to capture footage before, during, and after surgery for our documentary; the emotional moments that we could not recreate. We presented our situation to a very caring and awesome woman named Jessica who works at NYP and she pulled some strings to make it happen for us. At that point we had gotten to know her so well that she felt compelled to make sure that she fought for our case and ultimately got us the approval!

About a month ago we received a phone call from Jessica and right off the bat we could hear a level of excitement in her voice. She explained to us that every year NYP does a special in conjunction with WABC7 NY on Organ Donation called “Organ Donors: Connected For Life”. In-fact, the special was so captivating these past 3 years that they won an Emmy for last year’s episode. This year, the producer, Diane Oates, had called Jessica to ask if she knew anyone who might be good to feature in this year’s episode. Jessica explained to us that within an instant she thought of us. She told Diane about our story and couldn’t wait to reach out. It goes without saying that we agreed to be a part of the special and were beyond excited for the opportunity. But wait…it gets better. The producer calls us a few days later and we spent about an hour on the phone talking about our transplant experience and our efforts in launching The Wave Set. We were all so mutually stoked that we had been put in contact together. Diane told us that the episode was going to air in April for National Donate Life Month. As soon as we heard that I looked over at Jared and said, “just watch, it’s going to be aired on our birthday (April 26th).”Sure enough, I was right! Talk about synchronicity!

At 7PM Eastern time, on Channel 7 in the NY Metro Markets, we will officially be making our TV Debut when ABC’s Emmy Winning Show, “Organ Donors: Connected For Life”, when it opens up it’s 2014 episode with the story of our family. They promoted the show highlighting our efforts as…“they’re both on a crusade to spread the word about the importance of registering to be an organ donor.” – Full Article Here – What a way to spend our shared birthday. I guess this year is better than when Jared was 3 and cried when he found out he was getting a little brother for his birthday instead of ninja turtles… He got the turtles too.

Peace & Love,

Cam & Jared