Synopsis: 65 Percent provides an intimate look at one family's journey through the most challenging time of their lives. This captivating portrait exemplifies the integral roles that love, selflessness and unity play in overcoming adversity when the future is vulnerable and time is crucial.



We recognized the importance of giving the outside world a first-hand look at our personal experiences regarding organ transplantation and how it affects everyday life; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thus, we launched a successful crowd-funding campaign in efforts to film a raw, real-life depiction of what it has been like for our family during this time of adversity, just as it is for the nearly 78,000 other active transplant candidates. We knew this was only the first step of our mission. It took little time for people to catch on, and hundreds pledged to join us in this life-saving movement.

You can visit our Indiegogo campaign to find our more about how The Wave Set was created.