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Join Us

The Wave Set was launched to create a lifestyle that people can connect with. There are far too many people who think to themselves, “who am I to change the world?”. The tendency is that those types of people congregate together. We are the group who says, “who are you NOT to change the world?”. We have cultivated a community where people like us can come together and not just talk about changing our planet, but actually use our beautiful talents to act on it! Whether you are looking for a group for whom you can celebrate this sense of unity with, or you want to go as far as developing an event to help spread our mission, we’re here to help.


It is the essence of enlightenment: that very moment when you realize that our lives and all that has manifested around us has been created by other humans just like you and I. We are no different than the heroes and pioneers that we learn about throughout our upbringing. We acknowledge being a part of a divine orchestration of energy. It includes everything that is around us… who we are; where we are; when we come into this life; and when we leave.


If you’ve ever thought that you were destined for more, or that you should be doing something better… something that you could really put your heart and soul into- you we’re probably right. However, sometimes the hardest part is defining what that is and it can be really difficult when you don’t have a solid support system to help you. Join us. We’ve built this community on the notion that We Are Vital to Each other. Our family is comprised of people from all walks of life and we all have one thing in common… We choose to recognize that alone we can do some pretty awesome stuff, but together we can change the world as we know it.

It’s time to put our claims to the test! The following is what will take us to the next level; what will really get people talking about us. It is The Wave Set Initiative. Once we get rolling the momentum will keep us on a path to do incredible things, but we simply can’t do it alone. We are only as strong as our newest members and so here is what we need from you to be certain that you are on-board with us…
Step 1: Provide us with your email address in order to get started. You’ll receive exclusive news and information on how to help spread The Wave Set Mission in your community.

Step 2: Register as an organ donor. 18 Americans die every single day from the lack of registered organ donors. These are moms, dads, children, and one day they could even be yours. The solution is simple: Register to be an organ donor and have the conversation with your family so that they know your wishes!

Step 3: “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter.
Step 4: It’s time to celebrate this milestone. We need to end all of the false propaganda out there. Share the fact that you are a true hero with your friends on social media. Let them know that you are now officially a member of The Wave Set, and a registered organ donor. Don’t forget to tag us! @thewaveset