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About Us

The Wave Set is an organization dedicated to giving others a second chance at life by spreading awareness and educating on the importance of organ donation. While cultivating a brand that correlates with this cause, The Wave Set helps create a culture of love, unity and selflessness, thus showing the world that “We Are Vital to Each other”.


The Wave Set was founded by brothers Jared and Cameron, ironically born three years apart to the day (Jared DOB: 4/26/86, Cameron DOB: 4/26/89). However, their shared birthday isn’t their only fascinating connection. Cameron was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, primarily affecting his liver, at the age of 13. About a decade later (in August of 2013), things took an unfortunate turn when his doctors explained that they had spotted a tumor on his liver and his disease had been consistently progressing. A liver transplant had become necessary in order to save his life, but due to the high demand of organs, regardless of his critical state, he was nowhere near the top of the list. When doctors posed the idea of undergoing a living-donor transplant (where someone donates approximately 40-60% of their liver, and both the donor and recipient’s liver regenerate to full size), Jared jumped at the opportunity to see if he was a match. As fate would have it, he was approved and they successfully underwent the transplant surgery on February 11th, 2014.


In December 2013, The Wave Set launched a successful crowd-funding campaign to raise money for the production of a documentary depicting their family’s journey through the transplant experience. In addition, the brothers launched a line of The Wave Set apparel, which was used to incentivize all potential contributors to support their campaign. This also brought additional awareness by acting as a visual representation of their advocacy to the cause.


The Wave Set looks to set forth their first grassroots campaign, which will raise additional awareness by planning and executing in-person speaking engagements, hosting college visits, and facilitating live events nationwide. These campaigns also aim to share the stories of people all over the world who face the harsh realities of the need for a life-saving organ transplant.

I will never forget hearing doctors explain to my parents that I had a disease that would affect me for the rest of my life. How did a few months of not feeling well turn into a life sentence? The hope that every child is filled with began to escape with every word the doctors spoke. I was only a kid and I felt as though life was over… I was 13-years-old then, yet I still remember it like it was yesterday. Now, just over a decade later, that lost hope has been restored. I have found my purpose. I’ve made a promise to devote my life to helping others who are in dire need of something to hold onto, so that they never have to feel as I did.


Our first interaction after transplantOn average, 22 Americans die every day while awaiting an organ transplant. To make matters worse, a new person is added to the waiting list every 10 minutes ( Take a second to think about those statistics. Think about all of the people you’ve met throughout your life. Whether they’re friends, relatives, or simply bystanders, no one is exempt from the harsh reality. Perhaps you already know someone going through this struggle, or you are that person. You are not alone. Through our experiences, my family and I know exactly what that feels like and just how scary it can be.


As fate would have it, the liver, which is the organ that I was in need of, has the ability to regenerate. Thus, enabling a recipient to receive a portion of someone else’s liver, known as a “living-donor” transplant. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be eligible for this procedure, as many people have to wait for a deceased donor. I was lucky to be offered the “living-donor” option, however the hard part wasn’t over. I still had to find myself a viable match and someone willing enough to give me a second chance at life. As soon as my brother Jared heard the news, he immediately sought to be evaluated to see if he met the criteria. After extensive testing, we received our most exciting news to date. Jared was accepted to be my living-donor and we underwent the transplant on February 11th, 2014; a day that we will never forget.


Throughout the years, our strength has been tested to great lengths. There were moments when we were beyond scared by the uncertainties of the future and weren’t sure if we could find the perseverance to prevail. It took some time, but we realized that without darkness we would not know light, and so we battled through those times only to become stronger than we were. By leaning on one another and sticking together we truly found the underlying power in unity. Through all of our struggles, we have learned an amazing principle that we promise to live and die by: We Are Vital to Each other. As Jared and I journeyed through this transformative time in our lives, we sat and brainstormed ideas on how to share our story and teach this principle to the world…


Thus, The Wave Set was born…


- Cameron

IndiegogoWe recognize the importance of giving the outside world a first-hand look at our personal experiences regarding organ transplantation and how it affects everyday life; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thus, we launched a successful crowd-funding campaign in efforts to film a raw, real-life depiction of what it has been like for our family during this time of adversity, just as it is for the nearly 78,000 other active transplant candidates. We knew this was only the first step of our mission. Additionally, we saw the importance of visually bringing our idea to life. Therefore, we developed the first line of The Wave Set Apparel. Needless to say, it took little time for people to catch on, and hundreds pledged to join us in this life-saving movement.


You can visit our Indiegogo campaign to find our more about how The Wave Set brand was created.


It all begins with education and awareness. Our documentary is both an introduction to our brand and most importantly a call to action; to increase the number of organ donors.


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